Let's make this easy. One Price. One Time.

AED 199

What you get?

  • Automatic profile & CV distribution to Recruiters specializing in your Industry, Job Function, Salary Range and Geographical preferences.

  • Manual profile matching with relevant recruitment agencies.

  • Email cover write up by experts recruiters.

  • Access to full list of recruitment agencies who received your CV.

  • Secure Online distribution report publishing

  • No hidden fees, 24/7 Email support.


What are my chances to find a job?

Very High, but this depends on many factors, the most 2 important ones are the "Candidate" profile (Experience, education, age, location..) and current or future search assignments available within targeted recruitment consultants.

Are you a recruitment agency?

Nope, We’re not a recruitment agency, nor we’re affiliated with recruitment agencies in our list. We’re a technology start up who aim to help job seekers connect with the right recruiters at the right time.

Can I pay after I get a job?

No, We’re not charging against a job offer, a job promise or interview. The fee covers our consultancy services listed above, we do not claim any interview call guarantee or provide job assurances. Conversion to interview call also depends on the quality of CV and match with openings available within the targeted recruitment consultancies.

What can I expect from recruiters?

The best scenario is that your profile matches exactly with a search assignment available right now within recruiters, the other scenario (which is still very positive) is that your profile would be stored in the recruitment agency internal database, and this is the first thing recruiters check out before paying hundreds of dollars to access external job seekers databases.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment through credit and debit cards only, and we use Stripe to process online transactions. Stripe is the worldwide leader in online payment services, PCI compliant.

How can I reach you?

We offer a 24/7 support by email.

Register once and connect with relevant recruitment agencies in the UAE

We’ve built a tool for that! Our simple to use web application lets you submit important details about your career, manage multiple messages and check to whom your CV was sent, so you can easily follow up if needed

Profile Matching
We start by matching your profile with relevant recruitment agencies based on your qualifications, experience and geographical area.
Profile Summary
We then craft an email summary about you (based on the information provided when signing up) in a way that makes it easy for recruiters to reach and target you.
Email Delivery
We distribute your the message along with your CV to targeted recruitment agencies by email, all replies (if any) goes directly to your inbox.
Finally, a distribution report is published to your account where you would see who received your CV, so you can easily follow up if needed.